How Does SuperDonate Work?

Earn money for charity automatically

Earn money for charity automatically

Give money to your favorite charity

SuperDonate earns money by automatically selling your idle computer time to organizations that need to solve important research projects. This idle computing time that would otherwise be wasted can now be used to help many good causes.

SuperDonate does not affect the performance of your computer.

Whenever your computer is idle:

SuperDonate retrieves a research problem from an organization.
SuperDonate silently works on solving this problem.
SuperDonate sends the answer back to the organization.
In exchange for this answer, the organization pays an amount of money towards the charity you selected.

When you start using your computer again, SuperDonate releases all computer resources. This way, your computer performance is never affected.

Distributed computing networks like SuperDonate are regularly used for AIDS and cancer research, pharmaceutical drug discovery, economic forecasting, web indexing and clean energy research.

You will also be helping the environment by reducing energy waste and pollution caused by expensive and inefficient computer data centers.

The longer you have SuperDonate running, the more you help donate. Install it and forget about it -- you'll keep donating to charity!

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