The following charities are currently available in the SuperDonate application. If you are a registered 501(c)(3) charity and would like to be included in SuperDonate, please contact us for more information.

charity: water
charity: water is a nonprofit organization stimulating greater global awareness about extreme poverty, educating the public, and provoking compassionate and intelligent giving. 100% of public donations go directly toward water projects on the ground, while administrative costs are covered by a separate set of donors, grants, and our board.
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FLIFLY is an NGO which is non profit, non political party and democratic principle without discrimination. FLIFLY does not involve in any political parties and is not used to support any politicians such as materials, funds or human resources. To effectively and efficiently facilitate and support credit unions, sustainable agriculture communities and vocational training centers in sustainable holistic development activities to reduce poverty and hunger of rural farmers in Cambodia. Our mission works in partnership with international and local NGOs to strengthen and promote credit unions, sustainable agriculture communities and conduct vocational training skills as effective instruments for socio-economic development of famers in Cambodia.
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Invisible Youth Network
Invisible Youth is an expansive online network that provides resources and support for an estimated 1.5 million homeless at risk youth. Our influence is felt every day in cities all across America. Our mission is carried out through both partner organizations and volunteers who take to the streets to find, stabilize and otherwise help homeless and at risk youth to improve their quality of life. Our focus reaches past the streets and lends itself to deterrence, research, resources, seminars, training and workshops that are provided to the communities and via the Internet. Despite our motto "Advocating for America's Youth," our endeavors are focused on all homeless and at risk youth with no regard to their geographic location. Mahatma Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world," and with that in mind, The Invisible Youth Network envisions better lives for children who cannot see it themselves..
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Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy is a global organization dedicated to protecting the lands and waters on which the diversity of life depends. We envision a world where forest, grasslands, deserts, rivers and oceans are healthy; where the connection between natural systems and the quality of human life is valued; and where the places that sustain all life endure for future generations. We are one of the world's largest private, non-profit, nongovernmental conservation organizations. Yet we operate at the local level, working in hundreds of communities on the ground to conserve natural diversity and sustain livelihoods.
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Oaktree Foundation
The Oaktree Foundation is an aid and development organisation run entirely by volunteers under 26. At Oaktree we raise awareness in the community by running programs and events, we lobby the government and we fundraise for our overseas projects. We have partnered with developing communities in 6 countries to provide over 40,000 young people with increased educational opportunities. We believe that education is the most powerful force we have to change the world.
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Ohio Valley Voices
Ohio Valley Voices is an early intervention program that teaches deaf children to speak and be understood. Ohio Valley Voices serves deaf and hearing impaired children and their families age’s birth to eight years of age. Their vision is for deaf children to learn, compete and succeed alongside their hearing peers. The program has been in existence since 1998 and is located in Ohio in the greater Cincinnati area. Ohio Valley Voices serves families from Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. In the past, oral education for deaf children was very difficult. Now, thanks to breakthroughs in both assisted hearing devices and teaching methods, our graduates are performing with their hearing peers. The average deaf adult in America reads on a fourth grade level. For Ohio Valley Voices graduates, 92% are performing at grade-level in language, 88% are performing at grade-level in reading, and 92% are performing at grade-level in academics.
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Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme
Pathfinder Dogs raises and trains only German Shepherd dogs as guides for blind people. Based in Scotland, we serve the whole of the UK. Born in 2003, we were founded and still lead by, a totally blind lady which gives the charity the unique position of operating every single part of the guide dog school with the insights, experiences and outcomes that will only better our service to our clients. We are the only UK guide dog school that will offer residential training to our clients in a safe and understanding environment, specific to their needs and with qualified staff on call 24/7. It costs us around 36000 Sterling to train each dog to qualification (taking approx 2½ years). Help us qualify more dogs to give blind people independence in life.
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Philippine Aid Society
Philippine Aid Society provides a variety of charitable services in the Philippines focused on eliminating poverty. Our four-fold plan of action includes feeding, caring for, educating, and employing the needy. Young men and women from poor households have the opportunity to pursue higher education and street children have a brighter future through our scholarship programs. Our livelihood programs are designed to take the poor and destitute and give them job skills and the means for self production so they can provide for themselves and for their families. Finally, we respond to natural disasters and immediate needs e.g. medical or nutritional.
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